Do you have special requirements of the specification of your endoscope, which are outside of the standard? We will be pleased to satisfy your individual wishes. We will realize the integration of exceptional features in close cooperation with you. We develop special solutions in the field of Endoscopy, Visualisation and Lighiting.

Our highly efficient and motivated employees realize the special application in close cooperation with you. From the process planning, through project planning all the way to the validation.


We adjust to your specific needs with products outside of the standard:

  • Temperature resistant endoscopes up to 2000°C
  • Pressure tight endoscopes up to 300bar
  • UV- and IR optimized endoscopes
  • Radiation resistant endoscopes
  • Special diameter and working lenghts
  • Special direction of view, field of view or illumination
  • Micro endoscopes
  • Special camera systems

With the fully integrated production we are able to implement single unit production and small quantities very quickly. We guarantee a comprehensive and reliable operation in all process steps.


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Pressure-tight and temperature resistant endoscopes

This temperature and pressure resistant endoscope is used in the chemical industry. It is possible to observe and evaluate the process operation inside the reactor. The endoscope is equipped with a cooling circuit and very resistant cover glasses. These product features enable a continuous use of the endoscope at temperatures of 650°C and a pressure of 300 bar. With the homogenous illumination and selected optical parameter the chemical process become visible.

Customized LED lighting head

This Endoscope is used for observations of components with very complex  geometry in the aviation industry. The illumination is made with four dimmable high power LEDs at the distal end. With its improved thermal management the continuous operation is possible.

Video welding-scope

The Video welding-scope is used for statistical process control in arc welding. This endoscope is used together with a subsequent image processing in welding robots to guarantee full quality assurance.

Endoscope probe with LED ligthing

The Endoscopy probes with special illumination are used for robots or handling systems. The process operations like position control or borehole control are recorded, checked and evaluated fully automatic. All components – camera, lighting, optic are integrated  in one compact unit.


The Eyeball is a modern Intraoral camera which combines newest technology with an easy handling. The small size, the high quality components (90° Objectiv, LEDs) and the universal usability with the composite output are the major strengths of this product.