Due to our innovation skills we are one of the leading manufacturer of customized developments and special solutions. We have a wide experience and know-how as well as flexible structures to realize your requests in short time. With our own R&D department in combination with modern design software and laboratory equipment we can realize complex system solutions.



Strategic alliances bring together unique know-how, where new methods and products arise. We are always looking for strong project partners in the context of state innovation promotion. Research and development are the cornerstones of our company and our growth. Through numerous research projects we could realize many innovations.



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Project MMC VIS

Modular Micro-Video Endoscopy System. Rigid or flexible Video Endoscopy System with a diameter from 2.0mm with rotatable tip.

The project MMC VIS combines all technologies of a modern Videoendoscopy System. The own developed electronic which is based on FPGA delivers a customized image editing. With software algorithms the camera settings are adjusted individually. Special functions for image editing like edge detection, color correction or exposure times can be realized with complex software algorithms. This allows diagnosis of highest significance. Moreover a interface between image and video capturing is also available. With the Chip-in-Tip technology especially thin and long channels can be  visualized with exceptional resolution. The modular visualization system can be connected with different video probes. According to your application you can use rigid or flexible probes in different lengths and diameter with one visualization system.



Endoskopy System with UV-lighting to detect cancer at early stages.

The project UVE-Eurimus is about an electrooptical sytem, which  is able to detect cancer at early stages by using UV light (wavelength: 308nm). Cancerous tissues contain NADH and Tryptophane molecules. These molecules react with autofluorescence in the UV and in the blue slots. The ratio between the peak responses at 370 nm and at 450 nm allows for a classification, indicating whether or not the zone is cancerous and must be cured. The images and results from the fluorescence analysis enable an image of the cancer area.



  Project description

Project Integra Scope

Off-the line Video Arthroscope with integrated LED lightsource

The project Integra Scope is a self-sufficient Video endoscopy solution for medical applications. The main feature of this project is the wireless transfer of the video signals and the lighting. The camera and the integrated light source is regulated and controlled through a central unit. The power supply is an inbuilt battery. A special system solution of the handpiece and the endoscope enables an efficient and careful reprocessing. With this solution the number of reprocessing cycles is much higher as the number with conventional solutions. Within the Integra Scope we have a patented software solution which allows a better orientation to the user.


Fundamental analysis and integration of the sampling and analystic into a n endoscopic arrangement.

The project is about a multimodal trace detection system for the analysis of dangerous substances in difficult access areas. The endoscope is equipped with an contactless sampling technique. The endoscope can be introduced through existing openings or new created openings. With an absorption system, different substances can be evacuated. A sensitive and selective mass spectrometer helps to characterize the samples.The hazardous substances can be recorded through an orthogonal IR spectroscopy. The contactless sampling technology guarantees an easy operation. The realistic assessment of the hazardous situation can be done immediately after a secure sampling. Furthermore the endoscopy system delivers high quality measurement results for downstream studies.