The high quality optical HD system of our endoscopes delivers razor-sharp images and enables insights and diagnoses of highest significance. First class materials and a high quality finish „Made in Germany“ ensures precision and durability. All these advantages serve to persuade the user each day.

Rigid Endoscopes

Focusable Endoscopes | Fixfocus Endoscopes | Rotatable Endoscopes

High quality optical systems | Laser welded joints | Powerful light fibres | Uniform illumination | Perfect sharpness even in the edge area | Long service life | High corrosion resistance

The rigid SCHINDLER endoscopes for industrial applications are available in different diameter, direction of views, Field of views and working lengths. In combination with our Fixfocus endoscopes we can offer you also the suitable protection or mirror tubes.

Special Endoscopes


Temperature resistant | Radiation  resistant | Pressure-tight | IR-endoscopes

Temperatures up to 2,800 °C | Pressure-tight up to 800 bar | Cooling with air or water | UV light and image transmission | Changeable protection glasses for weld seam inspections | And much more

The endoscope for highly complex applications. We can realize the integration  of exceptionally features. We are able to draw on a lot of experience and systems, through a number of special endoscopes realized over the past 20 years. This enables us to realize the special solutions within a very short time.

TV Endoscopes

C-Mount camera fitting | Rotational position correction | Rotatable | Focusable | Mounting flange


As an innovative and sturdy endoscope the SCHINDLER TV endoscopes can be directly connected to the camera. With this direct connection we can reduce interfaces and herewith possible disturbance factors. The results are best image quality and longer service life of the endoscopes. The TV endoscopes are used especially in areas of application such as image processing or test stations.

Micro Endoscopes

High-quality image guides | Powerful lighting fibers | Uniform illumination | Perfect sharpness even in the edge | Focusable | Standard Ocular or C-Mount camera fitting

The flexible and rigid SCHINDLER Micro Endoscopes are used especially in hard to reach areas. The product range covers Micro Endoscopes from 0.35mm to 2.7mm diameter. Despite the small diameter the Micro Endoscopes are characterized through the high image quality and the sturdiness with its special construction method.


Video Endoscopes

High-resolution Chips | Special hoses for industrial applications | Separate control unit | Chip on the Tip

The flexible Video Endoscopes are available in different length and diameter either with an interchangeable lens or fixed lens. The Video Endoscopes are customized in design and products characteristics regarding your requirements.